Grant Proposal and Report Preparation Resources

Here you will find information to help you complete your grant application and/or grant reports, including institutional data and other resources for compiling the narrative. Please contact the grants office for any assistance with your grant application.

Faculty Grant Proposal Library (Google Drive):  This online library contains a collection of successful grant proposals and reports written by Williams faculty.  Please feel free to refer to these documents as you prepare your own. All Williams faculty have access to this shared drive.

Fringe Benefit Rates:  Fringe benefits, such as health insurance, are paid at a rate that is pre-determined by the college each year. Rates can differ depending on the time of year (academic year/summer) and the employment status (full-time/part-time/student) of the individual in question.  Please note that fringe benefit rates can change, so remember to consult this page for the most current information.

Institutional Information:   This page contains official details about the college (i.e., institution official name, organizational address, tax identification number, DUNS number, etc.)

National Science Foundation RUI Impact Statement Requirements & Suggested Text:  This page explains the requirements for an NSF RUI Impact Statement and provides suggested text to help you prepare your proposal.

Science Information:  Visit the Williams Science Center’s site for specific details on equipment and instrumentation.

Williams College Common Data Sets:  Compendium of institutional data commonly requested by and found in college guide publications.  This information is compiled by the Office of Institutional Research.